What Makes BARBER & KINNEY Unique?


  • Personalized Client Services

Our small boutique brokerage firm offers you the combined expertise of a certified general appraiser, land planner, property manager, and property tax advisor under one roof. 


  • Certified General Appraisers

Arguably the most important question a prospective buyer must ask themselves before purchasing a property is, “Am I getting a good value?” As Certified General Appraisers with extensive experience throughout the Southeast, we have an advanced understanding of what creates value in certain real estate markets. Whether it is water control structures, timber quality, and a well maintained road system for your recreational property, or land-forming, irrigation, and soil types for your agricultural investment; we know how to identify, analyze, and assign a contributory value to these improvements. Additionally, our knowledge of market trends and growth potential ensure that our clients are provided with the most current and prospective data so they can make a confident and informed decision.


  • We Own and Manage Our Own Private Land

As individual landowners we understand not only the pride of ownership, but also the maintenance and expenses associated with owning private property. This allows us to draw from real life experiences when advising our clients about cost of ownership, management practices, and land improvements.


  • Avid Hunters and Outdoorsmen

Whether it is hunting ducks, turkey, or deer, our time in the field hunting and fishing is something for which we have a deep rooted passion. The countless sunrises we have watched through flooded timber, over flooded fields, on a hardwood ridge, or down in a thick river bottom will pay dividends to our clients when looking to purchase or develop that perfect recreational property. We will help you recognize the quality of wildlife habitat present, or develop and implement a management plan to tap the natural potential of an unimproved tract.


  • Property Tax Expertise 

Land records and property tax can sometimes be hard to comprehend. As an elected tax assessor Gerald Barber has over 27 years of boots on the ground.


  • Landscape Architect/Land Planning 

If property development is your interest, be it rural residential, waterfront, or just creating the perfect homestead with creative roads, natural lakes, and perfect home sites, our firm has the resources and experience to make your vision a reality. With 40+ years’ experience in landscape design and master planning, we are prepared to take on your unique land planning needs. 


  • Experience Working with State and Federal Agencies

Dealing with a government run, bureaucratic office can prove to be most cumbersome for the inexperienced landowner. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with local, state, and federal agencies, which we will draw from to provide our clients a painless experience. Our understanding of the available conservation programs provided through the USDA, and other agencies will ensure that you are enrolled in the right program that fits your long term management plan. 


  • Conservation Easement Experts

As appraisers, we have consulted on, valued, or “turn-key” coordinated over 140 conservation easement donations, which were used as IRS charitable tax deductions. Our unmatched experience in this field provides us with the capability to accurately locate and identify potential conservation easement tracts, and work with you to follow through on the donation process, while adhering to the required IRS 170 code requirements. 


  • Market Presence Throughout Southeast

We have participated in real estate appraisal, consulting, and brokerage across the Southeastern United States. Whether it is coastal South Carolina; Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas deltas; the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee; barrier islands and marshland of the Gulf Coast; Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas; or anywhere in between, our broad and diverse market presence affords us an advantage in understanding “big picture” real estate trends while still keeping our finger on the pulse of the local sub-markets. 


  • Network of Land Managers, Landowners, and Conservation Buyers

Admittedly, broad marketing of property listings is not our forte. However, if you are looking to “quietly shop” your trophy property without having it marketed all over the internet, our existing relationships with large private investors and non-profit conservation buyers make us the first stop on the path to selling your very large or highly unique land holdings. If we are unable to pair you with a willing buyer within a short period of time, you can move on to the mass media guys. 


  • Trusted Circle of CPAs, Attorneys, and Financial Advisors

The multi-faceted real estate services we have provided over the years has created a trusted circle of industry professionals with whom we work regularly. When questions or issues arise regarding a potential or acquired property, we will provide a direct line to a vetted specialist who works in that respective real estate profession.